Monday, October 3, 2011

Tenth Avenue North and Third Day

You know what's awesome? Getting to pay $25 to see two of my favorite bands. That's what's awesome.

A couple weeks ago, one of my friends told our Campaigner group about a concert coming up that was in Charlottesville for a pretty cheap price and wondered if we could all go together. Ummmm... YES. 
We all were totally excited so we turned in our money, got tickets, and drove off to Charlottesville around 5:00 yesterday. We stopped for a quick dinner at Wendy's and then headed off to the nTelos Wireless Pavilion at the end of the downtown mall. 

When we got there, some of our group preferred to sit on the grass and although grass is awesome, I kind of wanted to sit as close as possible, so me and a few friends went to sit in the row our tickets had listed on it. We were the very last row of chairs... I could see pretty well, especially when I sat on my jacket, so I wasn't terribly upset but seats just kept opening up in front of us and who wouldn't take advantage of that? We ended up moving about seven rows up to where we were close to the front of that back set of seats. and that made me happy. :D

We listened to Tenth Avenue North from those seats and it was AWESOME. I listen to Tenth Avenue North all the time so I was thrilled I not only got to see them (a second time), but got to move up to see them better. And then the unthinkable happened. The lead singer, Mike Donehey, came down the middle isle and was singing about two feet from where my group was. WHAT?! Okay, for most people this wouldn't be exciting but it was MIKE DONEHEY. He's lovely. :) Haha. So that basically made my night, but it just kept getting better after that.

When Tenth Avenue North finished, there was an intermission and we found some open seats at the VERY FRONT!!! We ran up there and ended up sitting about ten rows from the front!! So my experience of seeing Third Day got a lot better. :D

The concert was just absolutely amazing. I would go see those two bands every day if I could. The only bad part about last night was that I didn't have my Rebel! Wahhhhh. I went to see Lady Antebellum at the Pavilion and they told me I had to put my camera back in the car so I thought they wouldn't allow it this time. I was wrong. :( I did have my point-and-shoot, though, so I did get a few pictures that are worth sharing and I hope you enjoy them even though the quality isn't the best!!!!

This first picture I unfortunately can't take credit for. This is Jessie Wheatley's photo, but I wanted to prove our closeness to him. :D

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