Monday, October 10, 2011

Jessie | Staunton, Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer

I'm overwhelmed with joy because of all these portrait sessions lately. Also, most of these senior portraits have been for friends, which is really special for me. I hope to someday be doing pictures for people I don't know but being able to do my friends' senior pictures has been great! 

And boy, this weekend has surely been full of senior pictures. On Saturday I did Jennifer's and yesterday I did Jessie's!!! Two sessions in one weekend is a lot for me but I was actually jumping up and down all week in excitement for them both!

Jessie picked a really special location to her and that's one reason I was incredibly excited. She has a very, very old (but awesome) truck towards the Staunton area that her family has been getting fixed for quite some time now. It's a red, 1948 Dodge. I love it! I mean, who wouldn't love that car? But anyway, a man has been working on it out where he lives in these beautiful woods and Jessie thought it would be neat if we could go take pictures out there. She told me it was pretty but I had no idea how pretty! This was a photographer's heaven! Just wait until you see the pictures!

But when we got there, Jessie had the chance to drive her truck. When she found out it was running, she couldn't wait to get in it! She drove it around for a few minutes and then we parked it in a good location to take pictures with it! :) So that's where we started and the pictures just got better and better from there. I loved being inspired yesterday by all the awesome scenery and I just had so much fun! Jessie, you are absolutely stunning and I hope you love these! I know you've been waiting patiently, so here ya go. :D


  1. beautiful pictures. Love the rustic scenery!

  2. great photos, I love that pink big car! :D
    Come follow my blog darling!xx

  3. lovely photos! :)

    my blog is a photography blog as well, please check it out sometime!

    xoxo Shelley