Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jennifer | Harrisonburg, Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer

You know that one person in your life that has always been the kindest, most encouraging, loving person you've ever known? Well, Jennifer is that person in my life. I've known her since middle school and she was always that one girl that never talked about others, was always giving hugs, and cared more about you than she did about herself. I love being around Jennifer because her bubbly spirit brightens up a room and when I'm with her, there's always something to talk about. 

So obviously, when she asked me to do her senior pictures, I was thrilled!!! Yesterday, we went up to a little camp in Harrisonburg called Massanetta where she has spent a lot of her time. I was SO glad she wanted to go there because when you get pictures taken in a place that's meaningful to you, it's so much more special! And it's more fun for me because I get to go somewhere new. :D Hehe. 

But anyway, we spent about two hours just going from place to place on the campgrounds because I thought it was beautiful and couldn't make myself stop taking pictures! I had so much fun and I'm just thankful we got to spend that time together. :D So Jennifer, I hope you LOVE your pictures. These are my favorites. You're beautiful, that's all I have to say!

And Becca, thank you SO much for holding the reflector. That was the biggest help ever and I'm so glad you were there. :)