Saturday, October 15, 2011


See anything different on my blog? Yeah, you do? Isn't it awesome? I have a new header!!

I was getting tired of my old header just because I've had it for about six months and it never was something I really liked. I wanted something I could get excited about every time I saw my blog and I knew I needed someone else to design it. I didn't have any ideas so I asked Olivia Collins!! Olivia has a blog called Of Horsefeathers that I absolutely adore! She also does some blog design so I figured she could make something I would love since she's so creative. :)

And I actually wasn't expecting her to be able to do it since I know from her blog that she has a lot going on right now but she said she would! I was ecstatic and I patiently waited a few days until she emailed me back with the design.

I looked at my phone yesterday, saw that she had emailed me, and since I couldn't view the file on my phone, I ran home to go look at it on my computer! ANNNDDD I loved it! It's simplicity is what I love. She integrated my colors but made it so it wasn't too bright and it's legitimately exactly what I wanted. So Olivia, if you see this, thanks again! :)

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