Friday, October 28, 2011

The Fall Light Makes Things Glow

Boy, how I love Fridays, especially the ones where I get out of school early. I find myself trying to get stuff done on my phone for my little photography business while I'm in school and it's kind of inconvenient. Haha. One of these days I'm going to get in trouble. Today I was in my first block class and granted, we were only watching Young Frankenstein, but I checked an order status for some shoes (which, I know, isn't related to photography), checked my email, moderated some blog comments, and texted a couple friends about senior pictures. Hahaha. So being home early is definitely nice.

This past week has been entirely too busy for my liking, but it's totally okay. I was so thankful I got to do Annie's senior pictures last weekend and knowing I got to share those and watch the blog views go up got me through the week. :) Thank you to everyone who has helped me reach the highest month of blog views ever. :D

Besides that, like I said, I've been terribly busy, but I actually got to take some pictures! The beautiful fall weather is keeping my spirits up and now that they're calling for snow this weekend, I'm so giddy!! :) Can't believe I just said that.... 

ANYWHO, on Wednesday, I went outside with my camera in hand after seeing the tree glowing in our front yard. The light was behind the tree, creating backlighting, and it was stunning. I went out, taking pictures of everything from that same angle so I could create backlighting, which I love! So here are those pictures, along with a few other random ones taken this week. :D

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  1. Beautiful! The lighting in these photos is so gorgeous! I also really like that tip about the hazy backlight- I find it in my pictures a lot and was wondering how to get rid of it. Thank you for the advice!