Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Is My Favorite Season

Fall is the spark that really makes me fall in love (pun intended) with photography over and over again. It's the absolute most beautiful time of year, in my opinion, and I'm thankful for it being one of the seasons. I was talking to a new friend the other day who said she moved from the midwest a couple years ago where they didn't have seasons. She said when she came to Virginia, she was astounded at how the trees' leaves morphed into bright, colorful pieces of beauty. It made me appreciate where I live and the versatility of everything. I am only a couple hours from the beach and only a couple minutes from the beautiful mountains. There's so much to do and fall is just amazing for all of that. On sunny days like today where the weather is literally perfect, I have my window open and sit in my desk so the cool breeze flows in my direction. These are the days I'm thankful for. 

Also, I don't know why but I have never been more excited about Halloween in my life. I'm not usually the type of person who gets super excited about dressing up but I ran in the store the other day with my mom in search of a good outfit. I didn't find anything but I still have hope! This is the first year since eighth grade that I will be home for Halloween!! I am usually at Rockbridge for Fall Weekend but that's a week later this year so I finally get to give out candy to little kids!!! :D That sounds so creepy but I love seeing the cute little kids dressed in their precious outfits. 

I am just enjoying this fall weather while I can. I know it will pass quickly but for now, everything about this season makes me smile. Check out these few pictures I took this week. :) 

And I also have a post for tomorrow designated to my recent favorite Instagrams so make sure you check back. I can't wait to share them! :D


  1. so cool :D

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  2. Great photos. Love the web with raindrops.
    Let me now if you want to follow each other?!
    X, Ancia

  3. I love Virginia in the fall, too :) cool spider pictures!

  4. Amazing shots :)

  5. girl, your mesmerizing! love it!

  6. WOW! Your photography is reallllly good. I especially love the raindrops on the spiderweb.