Friday, October 7, 2011

Ashley | Waynesboro, Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer

Every year, I have a few months where I just don't take any portraits and it's so upsetting and depressing for me. For the past four or five months, I haven't gotten the chance to do many portraits but thankfully, that changed about a month or so ago! I got the chance to go with Lana Williams and shadow her on a senior session. I didn't know what to expect at all but she's such a warm, kind person and I had a ton of fun!

I had never shadowed anyone before but I knew about second-shooting etiquette so I just applied that to the day and made sure I never got in front of her, since she was the main shooter. It's harder than you think. It was my instinct to get up really close to Ashley since I love those close-up shots! But I tried to hold back and was incredibly thankful that Lana gave me numerous chances to give my input and take shots with Ashley looking directly at my camera. 

I feel refreshed and I'm so happy that that session came when it did because I have quite a few coming up and I needed the practice. :D I absolutely adore shooting girls' sessions and Ashley was no exception! She's beautiful and her "model smile" is gorge!!! I couldn't get over it. So I'm going to stop rambling now and let you check out my favorites!!


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