Monday, September 5, 2011

Smith Mountain Lake (Part I)

This weekend I got to do something I had never done before. I got to go to Smith Mountain Lake with two of my best friends. The enjoyment of the weekend is not something I will have an easy time putting into words, but as usual, I shall try and use pictures to tell a better story.

When we arrived after the two hour trip, we got settled in their precious condo, walls full of the prettiest yellow I have ever seen. It was dark by that point so Annie, her boyfriend Chipper, Alli, and I basically claimed rooms, talked for half an hour or so, and headed off to bed.

The next morning, after having the most delicious breakfast of eggs, toast, and bacon, we got on our bathing suits and went to the boat which sat lonely and in need of some use in their dock on the lake. This was what I was most excited about. The thought of being on a boat with my hair wind-blown sounded thrilling.

Alli and I were the first ones down on Saturday morning so we chilled on the dock as the ducks meandered their way over to us. I would say that approximately seven were swimming about a foot from us. They were very social duckies.

Before we even got on the boat, though, the beauty of the day was overwhelming. I thought it would be rainy but the incredibly hot temperatures and bright sun made everything more enjoyable.

Finally, after everyone joined us, we lowered the boat, threw our belongings on, and drove off to sightsee the enormous, man-made lake. The thing that was most astounding for me was the houses. Since I had never been, I was in awe at the incredible houses. Wait until you see the pictures.

We drove around for about an hour on the boat, bumping up and down as we went over wakes at high speeds. As I thought, it was a thrilling experience. I wish I could spend my life on a boat on every pretty day.

When we decided on an area to tube and got everything hooked up, the fun began. Taking pictures on a fast-moving boat is not an easy task, especially with a heavy camera, but I definitely made it happen. These are just too hilarious. Annie and Chipper go hard when it comes to tubing. Me and Alli on the other hand could be referred to as weenies. Haha!! 

Saturday was just full of exciting things. After tubing, we drove the boat over to a place called "The Boardwalk" and actually parked the boat, got off, and went to a restaurant to eat lunch. COOLEST THING EVER.

After lunch we drove around on the boat quite a bit, just enjoying the day, and then headed back to the condo. We showered, went out to play mini golf, and got ice cream. Oh, and saw a girl from America's Next Top Model in the ice cream shop. No big deal. Hahaha. Wait, I lied. That was a big deal. I freaking love that show and was seriously so excited. We didn't talk to her or anything but I just thought that was super cool! After all my asking if that was really her, it had gotten late. We drove back to the condo yet again, played a card game, and crashed. The next day was adventurous as well but since this is getting insanely long, I'm doing a Part II. Check back tomorrow for more pictures and stories. :D


  1. oh my goodness - such fun pictures!!!! love this. :)

  2. Looks like so much fun!! :) Can't wait to see more lovely photos.


  3. The lake is HUGE but I spent many summers in high school at the same part that you were on!! I remember seeing the same houses and riding the jet ski to the pizza place at the Boardwalk for lunch (: SO fun!!