Thursday, September 29, 2011

Make the Best of It

My week has been fantastic. Busy like the last, but still great. Today was a half day so I got to eat Purple Foot with some friends and then get ice cream at Willy's! :D And I also have all of tomorrow off. WOO! The time seems to be flying by and although that's sad, I'm enjoying the slight craziness of my life.

I have two study halls every other day after my second period so it's been really nice to come home, get work done, and do other things such as work out, blog, and TAKE PICTURES. I think I mentioned this in another post but my mom and I just got a gym membership and not only is the gym nice, but I have access to an indoor pool!! I love to swim but swimming competitively is not my thing so I can't wait to make use of that pool! That will for sure keep me busy.

I've also been busy with work for my English class. I haven't been taking very challenging courses the past two years so I decided this year I would get some college credits and take a Blue Ridge class. It's a 3-hour night class and it gets a bit long at times, but getting good grades on college papers makes me feel accomplished. Sooo, it's worth it.

Also, the other day I got senior pictures taken. Of myself. Being in front of the camera is quite different than what I'm used to. I set up my tripod and take pictures of myself all the time but there's no one telling me what to do. That sounds negative but actually, it made me appreciate photographers even more just because they are always thinking on their toes and coming up with something new, whether it be a pose or a location or how to get better light. I just saw my pictures yesterday and I'm really pleased. If only it wasn't so expensive to get prints!!!

And speaking of senior pictures, I have three people's to take in the next month and I legitimately am dying of excitement. They are all girls and I love taking girls' photos because I can relate better, so I'm excited! I can't wait to go to some different locations and use my reflector! WOOO!

In addition to the greatness of my life lately, all my favorite shows are on!! I might get judged for this but ANTM, Jersey Shore, the Lying Game, and the Vampire Diaries are all on right now!! The Vampire Diaries and the Lying Game are my top two out of those but I still have to catch up each week with everything that's going on in those four shows!

But anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my new pictures. I didn't realize my yard had anything but grass in it so I was pleasantly surprised when I walked out to take these. Hahaha. And even though these rainy days are depressing as everything, they make me glad when the sun comes out!! Like it is right now!! It makes me want to run outside, frolic under the trees, and take pictures while I have the chance!! So perhaps some of you will be challenged to take more pictures, even in between scattered showers, if you've been having dreary days like Waynesboro! 

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