Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In Honor

I took pictures and I really want to share some but rather than blogging about my life or something that recently happened, I thought I would suggest some great songs, old and new. I absolutely adore music and as I've said before, I will love you if you recommend some songs to me. I will most likely buy them. And if you're really awesome, you'll make me a CD. :D But anyway, in honor of all the new, great albums that have recently come out, I have linked my favorite songs as of right now. 


  1. my favorite artists? hmm, i must say my range of music has lessened in the past years. i do adele, a fine frenzy, brooke fraser, ingrid michaelson, sara barrelies, taylor swift, mostly soundtrack, though. this is my mood playlist:
    {happy}: "something in the water" brooke fraser
    {sadness}: "someone like you" adele
    {crafty}: "bird of the summer" a fine frenzy
    {conflicted}: "the beacon" a fine frenzy
    {anything else}: "be ok" ingrid michaelson
    so basically i'll listen to the same things over and over. i know this wasn't very interesting :P
    great post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Ahhhh! So cool!! I listen to a lot of the same music you do! :) I'm going to check out the songs I haven't heard though! Thanks!