Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Nice to Have My Teeth Back

Sooooo, today has basically been the best day of my life. You know how I mentioned that today would be amazing in my post a few days ago? Well, it's because......


Yeah, I can't contain the joy inside me. I just wanna do a little jig and start singing show tunes. Haha. I went to school for an hour or so this morning and then headed over to the orthodontist to have that terrible, uncomfortable metal removed from my teeth. I've had my braces on for about five years so having my teeth back is a miracle. I'm still in complete and utter shock.

They finished scraping that gross glue off, got molds for my retainers, took x-rays, and I was happily on my way out the door. I just got home, ate a meal, and then proudly brushed my smooth, slimy, white teeth while keeping a huge smile on my face the entire time. I'm a happy girl, that is FOR SURE. :)

The best part about this is that I finally get to whiten my teeth, floss, and give a real smile in pictures. :D I CANNOT WAIT FOR THESE THINGS. Oh em gee. 

Okay, I'm done. This was far too much information for a post about my braces coming off. But anywho, obviously I'm excited and just HAD to share a picture. Now it's time to go run.... Buhhh.


  1. I'm so happy for you! I can't wait for mine to come off! Yes...that glue is terrible tasting!!

  2. Yay! Don't your teeth feel slimy? I remember it being really weird, but also super happy! :)

  3. Congrats! When you first get your braces off, it feels so weird! It's all slimy and stuff, but definitely a good thing! :-)

  4. I always wanted braces. Crazy I know...all the "cool kids" had them. You are going to have gorgeous teeth!