Monday, August 29, 2011

I Like: Teen Vogue + Kittens

Sorry for my short absence from the blog. I've been around but just wasn't quite sure what to post about so I took a bit of a break. I hate posting about stuff I think is boring and since I don't think I Like posts are boring, here goes. Hope you are entertained by the things I've been enjoying the past few months.

1. American's Next Top Model - Have you guys ever watched this? You should if you haven't. I guess it's more of a girly show but it's perfect for me because each week, the models (who auditioned to be on the show) have a photoshoot with a very talented photographer and then after the judges pick apart their best photos, one girl goes home. Not only do I love learning about modeling, but it's so fun to see the photos each week and watch the photographer do his or her thing. I definitely recommend this show!! I just downloaded every season. HAHA. I've finished the most recent four, though.
2. Starbursts - They are one of my favorite types of candy. Mmmm. I especially love when they've been refrigerated. I also love making bracelets out of the wrappers. There will be a tutorial coming soon on how to do that.
3. Ruche - Ruche has the most beautiful clothes I have EVER seen. I learned about this store through This Modern Romance's blog because Stephanie takes many of the photos for their lookbooks. And my gosh, those pictures are amazing. I was actually just looking on the Ruche site and saw that Nicole Fox from ANTM had modeled for them!! WHAT?! So cool!
4. Lipstick - I love lipstick. I use a color fairly similar to my lip's skin tone and I adore it. It isn't too bright but makes my lips pop. :D
5. Bloom! Magazine - I am so thankful for Bloom! and the girls on the staff. The creator of the magazine is absolutely amazing. She's only fifteen (I say only because she's already started a magazine!) and even though I've never actually met her, I consider her one of my great friends. I'm just blessed to be on the staff and couldn't be more thankful.
6. Recycled earrings - Sounds awesome, right? I got some recycled, silver earrings from T.J. Maxx a couple weeks ago and am absolutely crazy about them! They are a little different than the ones in the picture but you get the idea. :)
7. Pumpkin spice frappuccino - This is my favorite thing from Starbucks. They only have pumpkin spice in the fall so I always look forward to it when this time of year comes around! Obviously, I'm excited because it should be coming pretty soon!
8. Pretty Little Liars - I know a lot of people hate this show and make fun of it all the time but I'm not ashamed to admit it's one of my favorite shows. By far. I love the actresses, the wardrobe designer (she does an amazing job on the girls' clothes), and the story line. I'm going to start reading the books soon and can't wait!
9. The Workday Release - I only have one song by this band but the one that I do have -- called "Love In a Box" -- is absolutely beautiful. I'm in love.
10. Tumblr - I thought Tumblr might get old after a while but it just gets better in time. I seriously have an obsession. It's the first thing I do when I get home from school or when I'm bored.
11. Teen Vogue - Mom offered to get me the newest subscription at Books-A-Million the other day and I said I didn't need it. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I was in a weird mood, obviously. I love that magazine! I wish more than anything I could actually be in it!
12. Kittens - Lately, I've had this weird obsession with kittens. I can't express how badly I want one right now. I ask mom every day if we can go get one. They're so precious.
13. Reflectors - The other day I wet on a shoot with a photographer and she had a reflector. Yep, I now love reflectors. I just ordered one and I'm hoping it makes portrait photography even more awesome for me.
14. Indigo by Clarks - Clarks. Are. Awesome. The end. 
15. Portable hard drives - I just bought a portable hard drive like the one in the picture and it has made my life much better. I had all my music and pictures on a giant external hard drive that sat on my desk but it was super inconvenient since I always wanted to use my laptop on my bed. But now, I moved everything over and I can sit on my bed and listen to music all at the same time! :D


  1. Aw, thanks, Meredith!! I consider you a close friend, too! You're too sweet. ;-) For the record, though, I'm 15! Heehee. But close enough!

    This is a great list of things you love! I'm going to have to check out America's Next Top Model now. ;-) And we already discussed reflectors! Yay!


  2. Ahhhh. I knew I had that wrong. I think I saw on the Bloom! site that it said 14. Maybe it changed. Sorry!!

  3. PLL and ANTM are both some of my favorites. They're so bad, but so good! :)

  4. Haha, not a big deal at all! I probably forgot to update it when I turned 15 in April. Oh well.


  5. You can come hang out with my kitten any time (:
    Let's get Pumpkin Spice Frapps together soon! (I've never had one... gasp!)