Thursday, August 11, 2011


So you know how I mentioned I wanted to make that pasta recipe in this post? Well, I did!! I definitely need to modify parts of the recipe but honestly, it was amazing!! I recommend you make it right this instant. Okay, that is all. I just wanted to share the pictures of the ingredients and the final product. :D

The final meal. Bread, oil, and vinegar + this pasta recipe = delish.


  1. That looks amazingly delicious!

  2. This. Looks. SO. Good. Ohmiword. I want some. ^-^ Great photography! :D

    By the way, to answer your questions, my Instagram username is dreamshadows! ;)

    And to make a collage of them, first I email the photo to myself, then make sure to click on it in the email to see a full-size version, and save that. Then I open each picture in Photoshop, and usually I think the size is 700x700. I resize them to 200x200 and put them all into a single project with the canvas size about 600x800, depending on how many photos you're going to put into each row and column. Then I save it and put it into my post and choose "Original Size." Hope this helps!! :D

    ♥ Kailyn