Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unknown Artists: Brooke Waggoner + Amanda Markley

I haven't done an Unknown Artists post in quite a while. I haven't been exploring new artists too much lately so I decided I'd mix it up a bit in this post and include Brooke Waggoner even though she's pretty well known.

The first time I ever listened to Brooke Waggoner was about two years ago when my Young Life leader made me a mix CD. That was definitely Nichole's thing. She loves music and is incredibly musical so she just really enjoyed doing that for people. A few of the songs she put on that mix CD were songs by Brooke and I'm so thankful she included them. Brooke's one of those artists that, in my opinion, you love the more you listen to. I only had a couple songs by her until a few days ago when I saw that one of her albums was on NoiseTrade for free! Everyone loves free music so I downloaded it and have been listening to it a ton! My favorite song is "Beaut." It's just gorgeous. And if you end up liking her, look up the song "So So." That's on the top of my list as well.

Also, about five months ago, I discovered Michelle Moore's wonderful blog and decided to read her blog from the beginning. That's how fascinated I was by her photos. GAHH. Gorgeous. But anyway, I ran across this post and this post about her sister! Her sister, Amanda Markley, has just recorded a couple songs and although I don't ADORE her songs, I love the lyrics. I think they're inspiring and one of her songs in particular just reminds me that if I work hard and pursue what I love, I can do whatever I want. :D Makes me happy. I love songs like that. Most songs these days are just about love but I didn't interpret hers that way. YAY! She wins the award for being different.

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