Saturday, July 16, 2011


You know what's cool? A spiderweb. I am absolutely fascinated with how they weave that perfect design of a home. It's absolutely incredible. I mean, can you imagine how long it takes them to do that, especially considering they'll probably have to build it again after someone tears it down???

I've been getting up at 8:00 every morning to walk with my mom and yesterday, while she was letting our dog out, she noticed this perfect web, strung below our deck, with the sun glinting beautifully off of it. She told me to come down and bring my camera, as she often does when seeing something cool. :) I hooked on my telephoto lens and quietly walked down the steps, not knowing what I was going to see. I didn't want to scare any animal off. 

Well, those quiet steps weren't quite necessary. I looked out the door and saw what she called me down for: the web. It really was stunning. I feel weird saying that a spiderweb was beautiful but you should've seen it in person. Thankfully, I have pictures to prove its awesomeness. I hope they can do it justice.

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