Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shoes Are Like Decorations for Your Feet

I've ALWAYS been that girl who loves shoes. I'm a lame and just went and counted how many I own it ended up being twenty-nine pairs. Is that a lot? I feel like it is. Haha. Anywho, I wear just about all of them so no need to fear, y'all!! :) 

Lately everybody has been blogging about shoes and it just makes me want to spend my money on a few new pairs. I thought I was doing good saving my money. GOSH DARN IT. I shouldn't ever get on the internet.

I've wanted some Frye boots for about a year now and I definitely plan on getting some this winter, but now that it's summer I just want a new pair of TOMS. They just posted a picture of a new pair on their Facebook site and I went cahrayzay because they are this awesome greenish yellowish color!! Definitely my fave out of all on their website. I love bold colors. I'll post a picture below. :D 

Even though I never feel bad about purchasing TOMS because I'm helping someone else, I still really, really need to work on saving..... Yikes. I guess you'll find out soon enough if I get them but for now, check out all these cute shoes that stole my heart. I wouldn't mind having these in my closet, either.

P.S. This is incredibly random but my blog URL has changed. It's now http://meredithsledge.blogspot.com. I don't really know why I changed it but I wanted to let everyone know -- especially my followers. Some of you MIGHT have to unfollow me and then refollow me. I don't think you'll get updates on your Dashboard. :(

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