Thursday, July 7, 2011


I won a new camera!! I mentioned that in the post about the contest at the Boys and Girls Club, but I really wanted to do another post about how awesome this camera is! Ohhhhh my goodness! These pictures I'm about to post just prove that you can take awesome pictures with a normal point-and-shoot! This camera is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V. It has some super cool features and the overall quality of the image it produces is amazing! I'm stoked that I'll be able to take this camera places when I don't want to haul around my big one!

I went out the day I got the camera to test its macro abilities among other things and I was blown away. Sony is awesome. I don't think I'd buy a Sony SLR but I would buy a Sony point-and-shoot over a Canon any day. I used to have a Sony point-and-shoot and loved it until it broke so this is just perfect! I'm incredibly glad I have this one.

Here are the pictures I have taken since I got this great gadget!!! :)


  1. LOVE! How'd you win it?! -Jessie

  2. I won a photography contest for the Boys and Girls Club! :)

  3. you are AWESOME!! (and..... wanna see the Hunger Games movie together??? I cant wait either!!)

  4. YES YES YESSSSSS! I'm dying of excitement. It better be amazing! :D