Saturday, July 2, 2011

People's Choice

I am SOOOOO excited for this post! :) One of my awesome neighbors told me about a contest a couple weeks ago for the Boys and Girls Club and told me I should enter. I was a little skeptical at first because there were categories they wanted your three pictures to fall into. The categories were: Character & Leadership, Education & Career, Health & Life Skills, the Arts, and Sports, Fitness & Recreation. The only category I could think that any of my pictures fell into was the latter: Sports, Fitness & Recreation. 

I asked my neighbor if she had any ideas of what I could enter and she gave me quite a few, one of which was to enter a picture I took for the dance studio. I've taken so many and I had a lot to choose from, which was good. So I picked out one picture that fell into a category but as for the others, I just wasn't sure. I had pictures that would work but they weren't what I considered good enough for a contest. These photos were going to be voted on by photographers and people. I didn't want to enter just an average picture.

I emailed someone in charge of the event and they said it wasn't a huge deal if the pictures didn't fall into categories so that's why the other two I picked don't. Hahaha!! I'm terrible, but I just submitted two random pictures that I absolutely love. 

I was gone for the event, which was at the Frontier Culture Museum, but I woke up this morning with a phone call of good news from my neighbor. She said I won the People's Choice prize!!! I was so excited. The prize included a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V (which, by the way, is an incredible point-and-shoot), an opportunity to shadow Lana Williams at an event, and also a chance to talk with Alex Stevens of Blue Pixel. YAY.

So basically I'm really blessed to have the best neighbors ever because if she hadn't told me about this, I wouldn't have won. So thanks Lesley and Tom for helping me out!! :D 

Here are the three pictures I entered. The first photo is the one that won. But before I finish this post, I want to thank my brother Webb and his amazing eye for photography because he helped me edit this photo. Thanks Webb!!!


  1. you are an amazing photographer! I love your pictures. and you are a beautiful lady yourself! have a great day!

  2. YAY Meredith!!! that's sooooooooo amazing!!! You are so talented!!! Keep it up!! Love & Hugs!!! - Dulcey