Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Feel Happy

Sometimes I blog as though no one reads it. That's both a good and a bad thing, but it usually makes me feel better, which is the most important thing. :) Instead of hiding away my feelings in a book under my bed, I type them on my blog and have the freedom to hit Publish after I'm done. No, I do not share everything on my blog, but it feels good to express some feelings, so I think that's what I'll do right now. :D

Getting a blog has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. As of now, I don't have enough followers to feel obligated to post all the time, but I have enough to enjoy doing it and make me want to share. Sure, I'd love more readers. I'd take getting tens of thousands of blog views every month any day. That's such an honor. For now though, I'm happy. Happy with most everything.

I struggled a lot this past year. I won't go into it but life was just plain hard. I've never been in a place where I felt down in the dumps every day, until this year. Usually I am the upbeat person that always tries to make people feel better. Usually I love being around people and talking for hours. Usually I hate going to bed at night. I just enjoyed life. But those are things that disappeared this past year and although I put on my "happy" face when I was around people, I was hurting on the inside. 

Thankfully though, I feel a ton better as of late. I don't know exactly why. It's probably because I prayed about it a lot and tried to be patient, but it's just nice to be moving back in the right direction. Having a summer away from a job and time to recollect has been so healing. I'm very much an introvert and being alone is awesome when you need it. And I surely did need it. This may not sound like the best approach to life, but in my time of solitude, it helps me to push away everything that is upsetting and tell myself that one day, I'm going to be doing something I love and I will be beyond happy. When I tell myself that, I feel comforted and life gets a little easier. 

I'm just incredibly thankful for the couple of friends that have really reached out to me and also my blog followers, whether you realize it or not. I love reading your comments and being encouraged on a daily basis by you. Thank you so very much. 

I don't have much of a reason for writing this post except to hopefully encourage anyone who is struggling like I was. Trust me, it does get better. It just takes time and a lot of prayer. Don't give up. And also, don't hate me for being so cheesy. :D Haha.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the day! And here are a couple pictures I took yesterday. :)


  1. Blogging for yourself is sometimes the best!

    Lovely photos...I've just found your blog and have loved reading!