Sunday, July 3, 2011


I was going to title this post, "Ah, hail nah" but I thought that might be inappropriate. And now that I just told you I was going to title it that, I should just go ahead and do it.....

Anyway, I was just brushing my hair and listening to Brooke Waggoner at a high decibel when I heard a loud pounding over my music. I looked outside and saw a mini hurricane. Yep, a mini hurricane. I looked closer and noticed that it was hailing. Hence the loud pounding. It was just little hail, though. But a few minutes later, it wasn't just little hail anymore; it sounded like someone was on my roof angrily throwing bricks on the house and at the windows. The hail was the size of pennies. AHHH. Not cool. I immediately starting running in a zigzag pattern and yelling throughout the house that Marcel was going to get dented. No really, I was running around in a panic that my car would be ruined. I found my mom and asked her if we had insurance to cover the damage because I knew I wouldn't be able to survive without Marcel.

She told me to stop freaking out the dog so I went to my room and tried to calm myself. As I did so, the hail eased off and I frantically sprinted outside to see if Marcel had made it through. He did. All is good, all is good. No dents. Congratulations, Marcel. You've officially made it through your first real storm.

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    haha, great post. i enjoyed reading it.