Friday, July 29, 2011

The End

Okay, it's been a good photographing week for me. I absolutely adoooooore taking pictures of nature and especially animals, so the spiderweb plus this little guy you'll see in a second made for some good photography. Our family just bought a new grill so we had the new one waiting on the patio to be moved up to our decrepit deck and when mom went to move the grill, she saw Mr. Froggy underneath. I have never seen a frog in my yard. That is just not something that happens often. I guess he was enjoying the dampness from the cool shade below the grill cover. He was adorable!! Not that I would have ever touched him, but he was pretty cute. :) So little!!! The pictures make him look big but he was actually the size of a golfball.

Summer is coming to close, unfortunately. I know these last two weeks will sadly fly by, but I'm trying to lift my spirits and be a Positive Polly. :) Although I'm not looking forward to stressing each week about classes and trying to befriend people I don't know at all, I'm excited for a new start. Maybe it's not really a completely new start, but it's a new school year! My senior year, to be exact! :D

Also, I've been keeping up my promise to myself to workout every other day. The treadmill and bottled water have become my best friends. Not so much the Ginger Ale, though. It does settle the stomach but I wouldn't say it's great for workouts. :)

To end one of my last summer weeks off in a bang, I'm going to be dogsitting for one of my neighbors. And this is some legit dogsitting. I am actually staying at their house for five days. It's going to be quite different, but I'm excited. Their dogs are precious and their house is beautiful. Considering Shark Week is next week while I'll be there, I guess I'll just have to make myself at home in front of their big-screen t.v. :D I'm totally okay with this.

Anywho, I hope everyone has had a fantabulous Friday! I'm off to go eat dinner. :D


  1. Beautiful pics of Mr Froggy! (or toady?)
    And the boots look awesome:)

  2. Lock and Key is such a good book! The other day it was lying on my coffee table, so I actually took some pictures of it just like those :) cool pictures!