Sunday, July 10, 2011

Carrie Underwood

I always have a greater sense of appreciation for an artist when I actually go to a concert to hear them. You get to see and be a part of their life for one night. For just a few hours, you get to experience something new. Something exhilarating. Something that, at least for me, springs new dreams and new hopes. You get to hear them tell stories about their lives, watch them give away guitars, come out in the audience, and call people on stage. I've been to a couple concerts for people I didn't know and after that, I went home and downloaded every album they've ever made. That's how much better a concert is than just listening to a band through your headphones. For me, it's one of my favorite things to do. You sit there (or stand) and the world just stops as you listen to their words and process the fact that you're at a real live concert hearing someone who you most likely really admire.

I think the first real concert I ever went to was a Keith Urban concert. Carrie Underwood opened and that was the main reason I went, but it was all insane. Insanely awesome. We were definitely in the nose-bleed section for that one, but who cares? It was just as spectacular. I have real respect for both Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban now more than ever. From what I can tell, they are incredibly humble people and just love what they're doing. That part's kind of obvious, though. Who wouldn't love being a famous artist?

Anyway, often I will go on YouTube and just watch videos of people singing live. I love to find some that I can watch over and over and over without getting bored. I was searching through videos of Carrie Underwood the other day and found one of her singing one of my favorite songs. Just magnificent. I adore this video. Mannnnn, oh man. She's so talented.

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  1. She has SUCH a gorgeous voice. I love her. <3

    Have you heard her new album? I adore some of those songs...

    I need inspiration for tutorials to do... I love doing tutorials, but lately I've been in a little glitch... I can't get out of it. :(

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze