Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Dear world, don't go outside!! Just don't do it. Unless you're near some body of water, please spare yourself and stay where it's cold: INSIDE. I went outside about an hour ago to take pictures because I'm really bored and I started to black out and then felt incredibly nauseous. Yep, that actually happened. So I decided it would be a good idea to come inside. I downloaded my pictures, lightly edited them, and now I'm blogging. I need a life. Actually, before I wish for that, I would like to say I have enjoyed not working this summer. I kind of miss lifeguarding but I most definitely needed a break. So to all those people out there that have parents nagging you because you don't have a job, tell them to stop. And then go be lazy in your room. By yourself. Because it's good to take a break sometimes. :D

Well, before I bore everyone with my words, I guess I'll share my pictures. These are nothing special, but like I said, I was uber bored. I NEED A POOL. Kay bye.

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