Monday, June 6, 2011

Take Me There

I love when I'm reading a book or looking at pictures on a blog and either of those things make me want to visit where the author describes or where the pictures were taken. That means the author/photographer is amazing at what they do. Sure, you can go to the Caribbean and take pictures and more than likely, they'll be pretty, but I still appreciate good, solid pictures. Especially meaningful, beautiful, black and white ones. A few days ago I was reading this blog post and those pictures did what I just described. They made me long for a vacation including a boat and water. Or any of the other cool things photographed in that post. 

For this little girl, summer is here and it's nice to be able to relax. I probably won't be going on a vacation with boats and water, but that's okay. :D I still enjoy planning out my pretend future life in which I will live near a beach, reside in a nice house, and ride my sailboat everywhere. Haha. Here are some pictures from Google that made me think of summer as well as places I could be if I was rich, kind of like that blog did.

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