Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Blog Design

YAYYYYYY! New anything is always exciting! As I've mentioned many times in the past, I would LOVE to get a legit blog. A legit blog being one that I have to pay for. But that right there is the reason I can't get one. I don't have the moneys. Haha.

The other day I was looking at Carlotta's blog, a blog I dearly love. Carlotta is about my age and I just really enjoy her writing and photographs. :D She's actually the person who inspired my blog change. I was tired of the old blog. It had been the way it was for a whole year and I just wanted something new.

The blog I have now is very simple but it's also very customizable, which I love. I am able to change fonts and font colors! Actually, I think that's normal for any blog. I'm just dumb when it comes to this stuff. And that's why I emailed Carlotta! She told me you could go edit the HTML and change pretty much anything, which is something that can be really confusing. She also led me to this tutorial, and that's why I now have a header!!! So even though I obnoxiously emailed her a billion times to figure out how to make this work, I finally understand! Thanks, Carlotta! :D

I put this off for so long just because I didn't know how to do it, so if you want to change your blog up a bit but aren't sure how to start, either ask me for a few tips or email Carlotta. Hehehe. Hope everyone had a great day!!!

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