Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Puppy

I haven't blogged about my dog in so long! This is insane! Bentley endured two back surgeries last summer if you didn't know that already from previous blogs and he has just grown all his hair back out from being shaved. We thought we'd never live to see the day. Dachshunds are prone to back trouble and that's why in a matter of three weeks, he had two major surgeries at Virginia Tech. Craziness. That was not fun and it better not happen again. 

But to honor the puppy and all his hard work recovering, I took a few pictures of him over the past month of him being his cute self. :) I love the dog.


  1. oh he's so beautiful!!! Love all that hair.

  2. The last picture is my fav. :)

  3. He's beautiful. My favorite is of him playing around.