Thursday, June 16, 2011


You know what you do when your mother basically lives at Lowe's and makes you take trips there with her to "give her advice?" You bring your camera so you won't be bored out of your mind. :D 

Ever since I was little, my mom would have these random weeks where she wanted to redo half our yard. She loves gardening and that is just one thing I hate. I can remember going to Lowe's and riding on a cart with my best friend and then jumping off to play hide-and-seek. We would have to find our own entertainment while she browsed through every isle. GUYS, I BROUGHT MY BEST FRIEND TO LOWE'S. Anyone who comes with you to Lowe's is a good friend. Haha.

For the last two weeks, my mom's been in gardening mode. It's so hilariously unnecessary and she even admits it. She enlarged a border in our front yard and has been to Lowe's about ten times buying and returning various things. And guess who gets dragged along? Oh, that's right, I DO. Hahaha. Being the nice daughter that I am, I go. But the other day I knew I wouldn't be able to survive just walking around giving advice, so I brought my camera! Lowe's is full of great things to photograph! Especially in the gardening area. So here are all the pictures I managed to take in the amount of time my mom chose her plants. And before I finish, I would like to say that all the plants she bought this day have been returned. She can't make decisions. And it's SO FUNNY.

P.S. I'm sure the flower and plant pictures are getting old, but fear not!! I have a post with a couple gorgeous girls coming up in a few days that I'm SOOOOOO excited about! :D

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  1. i loveeee flowers! i cant wait to start putting arrangments together! cute blog :) im your newest follower!