Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Like a Harp Seal

Aren't puppies the CUTEST?! Honestly, how could anything be cuter than a puppy? Some friends of mine had visited a pet store about a week ago and saw a miniature dachshund. They put pictures of this dog on Facebook and I went crazy. I have a dachshund and although mine isn't miniature, I still love him. Having a dachshund puppy is like having your own personal baby harp seal. They have the most precious, scrunchy, innocent faces ever. GAHHH. I told myself I wouldn't go visit this puppy at the pet store because then I wouldn't be able to leave, but mom and I were in Staunton yesterday and I couldn't resist stopping by. We asked to see the little baby and I legitimately played with the sweet guy for an hour. He was the most playful, loving doggy ever. I didn't want to leave. It hurts me to think he might not go to a family that will care for him. It really breaks my heart. I want to save every dachshund puppy in the world. But unfortunately, until I own my own house, I will not be able to have a dog. For now, I shall keep these Instagram pictures (that took me thirty minutes to get because the dog wouldn't stop jumping around) of the unnamed pup hanging on my bulletin board and attempt not to get even more attached than I already am........

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