Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Like: Chick-fil-A + Vuze

I am due for another I Like post for sure. If you're new to the blog, about six months ago I started doing these thinking it would be a neat way for people to get to know me. There are always certain things I like when I do these posts so it's fun to go on Google and search for them. It's also cool because I can recommend different things. :D So here's another installment of I Like.

1. Chick-fil-A - I kind of have a love-hate relationship with Chick-fil-A. It makes me fat but it's so good. It's not even fair how good it is. Don't make me talk about it. I'll end up there in a few minutes. 
2. Minute Maid frozen lemonade - Mom discovered this stuff a few weeks ago and it's AMAZING. It's the best snack ever. Instead of eating ice cream, I eat this frozen lemonade which is at least a tiny bit healthier. SO GOOD.
3. Just Go With It - I watched this movie last week and it's hilarious. I think I laughed through the whole movie. Go watch it. 
4. Dachshunds - Right now, I really want a dog. Especially a dachshund. As most of you know,  I went to the pet store and saw one and now I can't stop thinking about how much I want one.
5. Herbal Essences - I use this shampoo and conditioner. It's the best. It smells so good and the colorful bottles are so fun!!!
6. 28mm 1.8 - I realllllllllly want this lens. Either this one or the 35mm. I can't decide. Anyone have either one?
7. All Things Bright and Beautiful - I love Owl City's new album. The lyrics are so creative and the music is so fun to listen to. I definitely recommend this one even though it's probably not everyone's favorite style.
8. iPad - I've wanted an iPad for a few months now and I know it won't happen because they're so expensive but I just think they are the coolest things. It's like a giant iPhone and we all know how much I love my iPhone.
9. Swimming pool - I WANT A POOL. I haven't been able to swim even once this summer and it makes me want to cry. I wish I had the money to build a nice pool like this in our perfectly flat backyard. That would be awesome.
10. Rain - It's been raining a lot lately. Well, more like thunderstorming. And I LOVE it.
11. One Tree Hill - I am officially obsessed with One Tree Hill. I watch it every day. It's my favorite show by far. 
12. Basketball - Lately, I just want to play basketball. I don't want to play on an actual team but I want to play for fun with a couple people. I'm so weird. I don't even like sports.
13. Vuze - I should not be recommending this but it's really convenient.
14. Rainbows - I love my Rainbows. They are the best shoe ever invented. Buy some.
15. My fan - I am thankful for my fan. Yes, our house has air conditioning, but at night I get so hot and my fan works wonders.
16. GasBuddy - This is an app for the iPhone and it's magical. It finds your location and tells you what the gas prices are at all the different places around you. LEGIT!

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