Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mini Vacation

My family's unfortunately not taking a vacation this summer, which is upsetting, but instead my oldest brother, my mom, and I took a trip down to my grandparents' house in Wilson, N.C. for two days and had a good time.
I'm the kind of person who loves a roadtrip. I love to be somewhere new even if that place isn't the most exciting. My grandparents don't live in a big and entertaining town but a new place is a new place. Besides the scorching hot weather of about 100 degrees, I really enjoyed being there and spending time with them. You just never know how long anyone will be on this earth, especially anyone older, so I always feel rejuvenated when I've shared life with them and told them I love them. And I surely do love them.

Both of my grandparents are the most selfless, giving, Godly people in the entire world and I can guarantee that. I can't explain the bond my family has with them but we do. You'd probably just have to be one of us to understand. It's beyond special.

But anyway, while we were there, I took quite a few pictures just for the fun of it. It does get a tad bit boring at their house without internet but it's always good to pull yourself away from all the social networking. I was forced away from this luring computer and it felt good. I am thrilled to share these pictures that I took to occupy myself even if they are boring. I think my family thinks I'm weird because I take pictures of anything and everything and try to make it all interesting, but that's okay. I have fun with my camera.

On our way into Wilson, we wanted to go see my great aunt's house that got destroyed in a tornado (more on that in a minute) and on the way there, we got lost. The first picture is what we saw. Interpret it how you wish. I still don't understand but it sure was funny.

But on a sad note, here's the tornado story. About a month ago, there were some horrible tornadoes in I think a lot of states, but I know in North Carolina. My great aunt Peggy's house was built on this farm, that my extended family owns, a long, long time ago. It has been a HUGE part of my family's life and was a huge part of my mom's past. There is so much history there but unfortunately this happened.

Peggy lived alone and was almost always at her house. She's older and besides buying groceries and going to appointments, she would spend all her time in that house. This is when I point out that God is so good. She had been sick and was in a nursing home while this tornado came through so she wasn't home. Her car, her house, and her storage houses all got torn completely apart, but Peggy is fine.

Peggy has always enjoyed life and music is one way she expressed herself. She has always been musical. She owned guitars, a piano, harmonicas, a keyboard, and much more. It was always fun hearing music when I went to visit. Interestingly enough, her guitar was found in a field completely unharmed, returned to her, and now sits in her new apartment, so hopefully I'll still hear music when I visit. :)

Anyway, besides the reality of Peggy's house no longer being there setting in, we had a great trip. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of this lovely Thursday!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old Dominion's Costume Shoot (Part II)

I realize Part I of this shoot was a while ago. If you haven't checked that post out, definitely do! I hate posting Part I and IIs so far apart but I wasn't sure when this photoshoot would happen, so sorry about that. But Dulcey and I scheduled Part II for Sunday and the day was perfectly overcast and not too hot!! The dancers were sweating a bit, but it wasn't unbearable.

We had a ton of fun, if I do say so myself. :) We went out to Constitution Park again but moved across the street for some different scenery. There were some gorgeous, colorful flowers around and we even found an old truck and garage to shoot by. SO FUN. I've said this a few times but I LOVE making old and so-called "ugly" things beautiful with my camera. It's probably any photographer's favorite thing.

Anywho, as always, I enjoyed taking photos of these beautiful dancers and was super glad to be able to photograph the dance instructor as well this time!!! We just enjoyed ourselves and I'm so excited about sharing these with you all! 

So here are my favorites from Sunday! :D