Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recommending New Tunes

Getting new music is like Christmas. I eagerly pick out albums on iTunes and quickly click Buy Album. I wait for them to download and listen to them as soon as they're done. It's always something I've enjoyed. iTunes makes it so easy and that's just one of the gazillion reasons I adore Apple. 

I've always loved music. It's strange because I'm not in any music group, I don't take voice lessons, and I no longer play trumpet. But I still love listening to the harmony, picking out the instruments in a song, and being able to say I heard a certain song five years before it became popular. I am constantly listening to some sort of music. In the car. At my desk. While laying outside. As I take pictures. At a concert. Even when you watch t.v. or a movie, there's background music through the whole thing. It's such a huge part of life. I don't actually think it's possible to go a whole day without hearing at least part of a song. I love that. But really, who doesn't love that?

Last week I was looking at the popular albums on iTunes and I saw one by Kate Voegele, who recently put out her first album, A Fine Mess. I bought that when it first came out and loved it! In my opinion she's incredibly talented, for being so young. The other day her new album, Gravity Happens, came out and although I haven't listened to the whole thing, I like it so far. :) So that's one I would definitely recommend.

Also, I bought the new Parachute album, The Way It Was. I hadn't heard of them before last week. I thought I had but then realized I hadn't. Well, good thing I bought the album anyway because I have never loved any band's music so much in my life. Ever. Not even kidding. I love EVERY song on the album. I can't really pinpoint why I think it's so great but it definitely is. Gahhh. I love good music. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THAT ALBUM. And listen to those music videos below. Do it, or I'll cry. Those two are my favorites from the CD. =D

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