Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Rain

I spend a lot of time in my room. Sometimes I struggle being around people all the time, which happens every day at school, so coming home to my room and just closing the door to be in a quiet environment is comforting. Yesterday I was in my room, working on an online test for a class at school when all of a sudden, the bottom dropped out of the sky. I watched the raindrops pound the roof of our neighbor's house while I sat in awe. I just stared out the window and considered the weather. I think it's so incredibly neat how the weather's different every day. It might be hot, it might be cold, it might be raining, it might be foggy, it might be snowing. Obviously the seasons affect that, but still, it varies from day to day. Usually it's not raining, but then there's always that day like yesterday where it just pours. And pours. And pours. It's beautiful. I don't usually like the rain when I'm outside but when I'm inside, especially under a roof where I can hear the rain better, I love it. It's peaceful and serene and I always just want to watch the storm until it passes. So that's pretty much what I did. I never have the courage to take my camera outside and try to get some rain pictures. I'm always cold and just want to wrap up in a blanket with some hot tea. But yesterday I wanted to be out in the rain so I quickly grabbed my Canon and ran outside before the rain stopped. I managed to grab a few shots before the storm blew away and I think they define this week, considering they're calling for plenty of rain in the days to come. But maybe the weathermen lied since it's gorgeous outside right now, which DEFINITELY makes me happy, might I add. I'm so ready for summer. Anyway, check out my favorites from yesterday's rainy outdoor adventure.

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