Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prom 2011

Yesterday was packed full of events. DUDE. I woke up at 6:20 for the horrid SAT, got home at 1 and went straight to Staunton with Annie for her hair appointment. We came back from that, I went home, went to Harrisonburg to see a friend with my mom, and then right when I got home around 6 from the Burg, I went back to the Graves' for pictures! It was a crazy day. I had no idea I could fit so much into one day. 

But anyway, Annie had asked me quite a few months ago if I would take pictures for Prom. UMM.... OF COURSE. I went with Annie and Alli to find a dress about a month ago and although Annie didn't find one that day, Alli did. And I'm in love with her dress. It's my absolute all time favorite dress. Also, I'm giving myself credit for finding it. Hehehe. I decided to browse through some dresses on a rack that I thought were really small sizes just for the fun of it, not expecting to find something that would work, but I found a dress that was not only my favorite color, but it was BEAUTIFUL! Double yes. So obviously I pulled it out and yelled at Alli, who was standing nearby. She loved it. And it fit. And she bought it. And I might steal it. YAYYYY!! Haha. So I was already super excited to get a few pictures of her. 

And then Annie found her dress the next day. Hers is patterned and I loved it before I saw it on her but it was so perfect for her that I loved it even more after she put it on. They both looked just gorgeous. Everyone looked gorgeous. Seriously. I have the most beautiful friends evah. 


  1. Beautiful dresses, beautiful girls.and beautiful photographs!

  2. great photography.. gorgeous dresses!