Friday, May 27, 2011

Photoshoot With Leah

AHH!!! I haven't taken portraits in SO long. I thought I forgot how to, but thankfully I didn't. :) Hehe.

Leah's a friend from school who I sadly haven't gotten to spend much time with. She's such a sweet, kind person and it sucks that we were never in classes together at school. Buuuuttt, that didn't keep us from taking pictures. Leah and I had talked about taking some pictures of each other for fun back a few months ago. Unfortunately, a few months ago it was freezing. So we decided to wait until it got warmer and yesterday was the day!! It worked out perfectly since school is just getting out and we had so much fun! :) It was nice to hang out with someone I don't often see since school likes to separate you so much. So we went out to the park, walked the trail, and took pictures along the way. Such pretty light under the trees!!! I love the woods for that reason. Leah's completely gorgeous and that helped also. She pretty much posed herself for all the pictures I took of her which always makes it super easy. And she should probably consider a modeling career. Just sayin'. But anyway, I definitely want to share my favorites from yesterday!

Leah, thanks for sitting in dirt, walking through the mud in heels, and leaning on trees with bugs and spiderwebs..... I'm a terrible person. Haha. This is what happens if you come take pictures with me. But good locations = good pictures. It's worth it. :) So again, thanks. And also, I'm totally impressed with the pictures you took of me. I sincerely appreciate that, too. I love getting pictures of myself taken since it doesn't happen often. =D. ENJOY!!!

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