Friday, May 13, 2011

Photoshoot With Lauren and Kylie | Waynesboro, Virginia Portrait Photographer

As I sit here drinking my SunnyD and listening to Christina Perri's new album, I think about how even though life is hard, I am so blessed. I've always lived in Waynesboro and have known mostly everyone since elementary school so I never had to worry about making friends. It's always easy making friends when you're young but as you get older, it gets so much harder. And I know for a fact that if I ever move, making friends will be the worst part for me. Hahaha. I'm an incredibly quiet and introverted person until you get to know me. And before I really got to know Kylie and Lauren, I was incredibly reserved. But now when I'm around them, they just make my heart smile and we joke about everything. They are such beautiful friends who I feel I instantly clicked with. Both of them are a year older than me but I've gotten to spend plenty of quality time with each of them at different times for different reasons and they do mean the world to me. It's always special to have older friends that are mature mentors and I consider Lauren and Kylie just that. The thoughts of them graduating in a month and leaving in four breaks my heart. Literally. Junior year is hard. You're not the one leaving, but you're the one watching people you've known all your life leave. Yes, it's sad, but then again, it's SO incredibly exciting. Lauren and Kylie have known each other for many, many years and have been BEST friends for many, many years as well. They grew up together, went to school together, have endured tough times together, and are finally graduating together. It's awesome. Kylie's attending University of Tennessee and Lauren will be at Mary Washington. They are going to have the time of their lives and I can't even wait to hear all about it when they start.

Wow. I'm done. I went on and on. Haha. Sorry. I just have a lot of great things to say about them. But now onto the real reason for this post. PICTURES. They're having a graduation party in June and wanted some pictures together to set up at the party I do believe, so I was delighted when Kylie mentioned it to me. :D We went over to the Country Club this afternoon (I'm a fast editor) and took some photos that I am superdy duperdy excited to share. Hehe. Guys, I just love you with all my heart. Thank you both for being my friend and letting me get to know you better this year. AND CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING. Well, in a month. SO CLOSE. Enjoy my favorites. :D


  1. I love the preset you used for picture 11. Where did you find that one or was it already on your editor?? Nice pictures! =)

  2. Thanks so much Allyson!!

    I downloaded some free actions which are fabulous and that one was called 'Heartland.' You can get the actions here!

    And also, here are two more free ones that I love and use a lot! 'Rose' is my absolute fave.

  3. Mere- You are SO talented!! These are GREAT!! So what do you think..... Small group photo shoot before Melo and Kylie leave us??? (: