Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting Close

The anticipation of summer and the end of the school year is almost as good as summer itself. Ya know how Christmas Eve is always more exciting than Christmas Day? Maybe that's just me. But it's kinda like that. I'm getting excited for summer. I'm way over school right now and all I do in school is think about summer and make fake plans that'll probably never happen. So fun. Forget those exams, SOLs, and incredibly boring lectures that go on for an hour and a half without a break. There are better things in life. Like summer. Summer makes me think of pineapples, trampolines, sleepovers with friends, the lake, Dairy Queen, beaches, good music, laughter, late-night drives, and lots of pictures. I can't wait for summer.

And speaking of pineapples, I've been obsessed with them lately. We've bought two pineapples in the past week. And I've eaten all of one by myself. OH YEAH, PINEAPPLES, YEAH. It is indeed the best fruit, in my opinion. I'm considering a pineapple diet. It's like my Starbucks fix, but more healthy. That didn't make sense. Moving on....

So in honor of summer and pineapples, I took our newly purchased pineapple outside for a photoshoot. Yep, that actually happened today. Honestly, I think my neighbors have gotten to the point where they no longer wonder about me because I am always photographing weird stuff out in my front yard. It's all good. Who doesn't want to take a giant pineapple outside and take pictures of it?

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