Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Everything Is White

Mom sent me on a mission in our yard last week. She told me to photograph everything that was white, flowerwise. I WAS EXCITED! She said there was a lot of white stuff and there most definitely was! I had fun walking around our front and back yard just looking for anything of the color white. Everything was just so beautiful. So clean and fluffy. I love it. I used my 100mm macro on all of these pictures. The bokeh in some of them just makes me happy. That lens is sahweet. :) 

Also, you might be way creeped out by the bug pictures, but I was too. I do NOT know how I managed to get that spider picture. I freaking HATE spiders. When I uploaded it to Lightroom, I started shaking. And then I actually screamed. No exaggeration at all. But anyway, check out the results. Hehe. :D

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