Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peter Cottontail

We call him Mr. Bun Bun. Only the cutest bunny EVER. He sits in our front yard every day around 7:00 and nibbles on his dinner. Well, more than nibbles. He must be hungry around this time of day because he rather chews incredibly fast. It's so funny. He'll lean his tiny, easily breakable head down for some green grass and when he pulls his head up to quickly down his food, he scans the yard to make sure no one is going to hurt him. Little guy is my boi. I wish I could run over and squeeze Mr. Bun Bun's fuzzy back. He makes me smile. I think if animals could talk, we'd be best friends. :D Hehehe. I seriously am obsessed with bunnies. I had one once.... Let's not talk about that, though. I might cry. 

Anywho, yesterday dad called me down to look at Mr. Bun Bun. My family looks after me. They know I love him. So for once, he was far enough away from our front door so I could sneak out quietly with my camera. Bun Bun is kind of dumb because he doesn't run away until you get about two feet away from him, but that's okay. Because of that I found out he's very photogenic. And even cuter than I thought.

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