Sunday, April 3, 2011


The weekends go by so fast it makes me sick. Literally. I am not feeling school now that summer is nearing and that just makes the weekends go by twice as fast. I dread school. Mehhhh. But I wanted to do something fun on Saturday so I went outside with my tripod and remote and took some pictures of myself in our jungle yard. I have my mom to thank for it's lushness. I seriously always have SO much fun doing this. I get to be alone in the quiet of outside, and I get to enjoy what I love the most. Perfection.

My goal yesterday was to take a lot of vertical pictures. I'm so, so bad about taking verticals but I'm growing to like them more. You'll notice I achieved my goal, considering most of these blogged pictures are vertical. YAY. There wasn't really a theme to this shoot, but I kind of wanted my hair to be messed up since I can never get my hair to stay straight in pictures. Why not make it look disheveled and knotted and then not worry about it? It makes for a cool effect and mood in pictures. I was really happy when I was culling and editing these images. They made me even more excited for any future shoots. And of course I'm excited to share my favorites. :) So check it, yo. 

P.S. This genius wasn't thinking about hiding the remote in these pictures, so pretend you don't see it. Hehe. :D

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