Thursday, April 21, 2011


I had been telling myself for months to take a day and scan old pictures. I knew it would be a ton of fun looking through old pictures and laughing to myself, but I also knew it would be a long task. Thankfully, I felt up to taking a few hours out of my day to scan my favorites yesterday.

So, I unplugged the scanner, brought it to a comfortable place in the den and plugged up my laptop. I pulled out the five huge boxes of old film pictures and started shuffling through each little envelope. Some pictures were a bit pointless, like the ones of the grass, but others were completely priceless. Others were ones you would be devastated to lose.

I went through about one hundred envelopes of pictures. Envelope after envelope after envelope. That wasn't even close to half but I feel like I accomplished something. And I had so much fun. Pictures are timeless and are such a blessing. They bring back memories you wouldn't otherwise remember. They make you smile. They make you laugh. I am beyond thankful my mom always carried a camera around and wasn't afraid to yell at kids that didn't want to be in photos to look at the lens. Looking back, I wish I had never been adamant about that. Silly kids. Now, I'm the one telling people to look at my camera and knowing you'll appreciate it later, I don't feel bad about it. Photos are special. Especially ones like these. Check out my favorites. They might not interest you at all but I just wanted to post them anyway. :)

He loves the cat so much he couldn't hold the tears in any longer.
Ohhhhhhhhh the faces. I love the faces.

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