Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Old Dominion's Range of Motion Shoot (Part I)

Mannnnnn, I've been patiently waiting to post these pictures! :) And might I add that I'm really excited to share them. Forreal. I can't even wait to press the publish button when I'm done.

Dulcey, the brilliant dance instructor at Old Dominion Studios contacted me in early March about possibly doing a creative and artistic photoshoot with some of their dance students. As always, I jumped on the opportunity and was excited from that day forth. In early April, we inboxed over Facebook figuring out the location and date for the shoot. I started getting a little nervous because I hadn't done much with photography for months and since the pictures were going to be outdoors, I worried about the sun. I don't particularly like the sun. Haha. When it comes to photography, it makes things very, very difficult. Or it can. I don't shoot much in the sun so I was a little scared about how I would handle that, but I was determined to figure it out and get great shots in the bright sun no matter what. 

Sooo, after we figured out the date and time, I was ready. I had mentally prepared myself by then. Haha. We had planned to shoot by an old gate near Fairfax, but it just didn't feel quite right. We were going to have a ton of dancers and I would've made it work, but I wasn't exactly sure how yet. The limited space would've been a hurdle. BUT, Dulcey came to the rescue!! She called me the morning before we were going to shoot and said she had called someone up at Swannanoa and asked permission for us to shoot there. And they said YES! WHAT? I had Swannanoa in mind but didn't think it would be a possibility. Thank goodness for Dulcey. So we rearranged our plans and left to shoot at 3. 

We got up there and started shooting right away. The sun was bright in some places, but there was lots of shade to work with. We started out in the shade, and as I got more comfortable, we moved to where there was some sun. I mean, it was 3 o'clock. I shouldn't have been too worried. Shooting at 12:00 would be a different story. But I figured out a technique that works when shooting in the sun and I was excited. YAY. So I conquered my fear of the sun and was also proud of myself for feeling bold enough to move people around and make the pictures as good as possible. 

Dulcey seriously is the pose master. Haha. Being a dancer and dance instructor, she can arrange some sweet poses. For their Range of Motion showcase, they wanted very artistic group shots where the dancers would form shapes with their bodies. And Dulcey completely blew me away with what she came up with. I wish I could take credit for the group shots, butttt I can't. Just wait until you see. 

But anyway, this is going on so long. Haha. Sorry. I just felt the need to explain everything and how it worked out so perfectly. :) And I'm just so thankful to be able to work with the studio and that they are so kind as to give me so many opportunities. Thank you!! I love you all! Hope you enjoy my favorites of Part I. Part II will be coming soon. :D

Also, if you're interested in getting a disk with the pictures, contact me at meredithsledge@yahoo.com or if you know Dulcey, feel free to ask her. :) We're still working out pricing details and whatnot, but rather than copying the photos from my blog or from Facebook, we would both really appreciate it if you'd let us know you want a disk instead. :) I absolutely don't mind if you set these as profile pictures on Facebook, though. But if you love me, you'll leave the watermark on or just give me credit. Wooooo. <333

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