Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Actually Not That Healthy

First, let me start off by saying I'm a terrible person. I haven't blogged in exactly a week. I needed a break and I kind of ran out of blogging topics. Gotta stock up on that creativity sometimes. So I took a break and I'm back, at least for today. But I do want to say thanks, before I begin today's post. This April I have gotten the most blog views ever in a month and I'm astounded and excited and so many other great emotions. YIPPEE. So thank you for checking my blog even when I don't update it. 

And after that brief announcement, I shall diverge into my blog post that I suppose is as creative as it will get for today. 

Lately I've been super healthy. I've been running every other dayish and eating just three meals a day, without snacking on badness. And might I add that my breakfast is Frosted Mini-Wheats every morning. YUM TO MY TUM. Why the heck do I like those? I dunno. But they're awesome. 

I also haven't had coffee in two weeks, which is unheard of in my life. Forizzle. I just haven't had a craving for coffee lately. Unfortunately, today I crave coffee. I sit here in my chair and crave a frappuccino, knowing that I shouldn't have one because the calories I just burned off will come right back and I will increase my chances of dying. So, I fight the urge to drive myself to Starbucks and dole out my precious money. Hahahahahaha.

I can't say I haven't had some milkshakes as of lately, though. Mom thinks it's cool to buy two gallons of ice cream while I'm in the store with her telling her not to. Haha. She likes to torture me because if it's there, she knows I'll probably make a milkshake. Like I did the night before last. And it was quite delicious. I made a chocolate milkshake with chocolate ice cream and proceeded to add chocolate syrup into the blender. Nom nom. Did I just contradict my recent healthiness that I explained in the above paragraphs? I do believe I did. But anywho, speaking of ice cream, a local ice cream place in my town opened up about a month ago for the summer and I went a week or so after it opened. My friend told me when she went that she got ice cream with cookie dough. Ummmm.... I love cookie dough. Perfect. So that's what I got when I went. With a chocolate hard shell. It was magical. Magical enough to take pictures of. See yumminess below. 

So I was going to just post the picture after the previous paragraph but then I read over this post. And I'm not really sure where I was going with it. I really just wanted to share my ice cream. Clearly, me talking of my healthiness took a turn for the worst. Oh well. It happens. So anyway, as you sit there and become envious of my delicacy, I shall go find something useful to do. Adios friends. Have a splendid Thursday. 

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