Monday, April 4, 2011

I Like: Quesadillas + Young Life

1. Turquoise - I absolutely love the color turquoise. And now that my room is done, I love it even more. P.S. Post on my new room coming soon. We've been having some room difficulties......
2. Cookies and ice cream - SOOOOOO YUMMY. I went to Red Lobster the other night and got that dessert in the picture. It was insane. So good. I never get dessert when I go out to eat but I didn't regret my decision.
3. Young Life - Man, I love Young Life. I can't say enough great things about that organization. It keeps me sane.
4. Nail polish - I've been using a lot of nail polish lately and even though it peels off the day after I put it on, I still love painted nails. :D
5. Quesadillas - OH MY GOSH. Mom randomly made this quesadilla thing with chicken, cheese, and green onions a few weeks ago and I'm obsessed. Literally the best food in the world.
6. Treadmills - What would I do without my treadmill??? I would be fat, that's what. I don't really like running outside so my treadmill is the greatest. I can run at the same pace the whole time, I'm in air conditioning, and I don't have to worry about creepy people looking at me. Win.
7. Frye - I want some Frye boots SO bad. My friend Hampton introduced me to this company and ever since, I've been longing for some. Mehh. I need moneys.
8. Polar bears - AWWWW!! Aren't they cute? I watched a video on that little polar bear named Knut that recently died and it made me realize how much I love polar bears. 
9. Cherry blossoms - We have a cherry tree in our front yard that is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe not so much anymore after the cold weather killed the blooms, but it was. I love these pretty little flowers. 
10. T.J. Maxx - A lot of times I hate T.J. Maxx but lately, I've found a ton of great stuff there, whether it's been clothes or room accessories. So thank you T.J. Maxx. Hehe.
11. Nissan - Tehehehehehehehe. :D
12. Bible - Yay. I love my Bible. =D Not much else to say here.
13. Mr. Sun - I am very thankful for Mr. Sun. And I wish Mr. Sun would come closer so I could be warmer. 
14. Target - Seriously, Target is magical. More than half of my wardrobe is from Target and I could spend hours upon hours just wandering through the isles. Yay.

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