Friday, April 8, 2011

Birds Move Fast

It's true. Birds move fast. More on that in a minute. But first, I shall explain my day. 

I have a fourth period study hall at school so I come home around 1:00 every other day. Yeah, be jealous. It's awesome. But today's weather has been disgusting. It's just been cold and cloudy. So while at school, what do I do? I sit in my desk and watch the clock and the window more than I watch any of my teachers. I clearly didn't want to be at school. I wanted to be outside shooting because I literally am going into photography hibernation. I don't want to, but it's happening. The less I shoot, the less I want to shoot. And I HATE even the thought of that so I'm refusing to let it get that far. I need to take pictures of people and thankfully, I will be this weekend. PRAISE THE LORD. :D But as soon as the clock turned 12:58, I ran to my car, turned on the heat, and came home. Did you read that? I turned on my heat. Yesterday, I laid in the yard and got a tan. Geez. Make up your mind, Mother Nature.

Okay, back on track. I came home and exhaled all my stress from school. The sad part about that sentence right there is that I have nothing to stress about. I just do anyway. Hahaha. It needs to be summer, that's what the problem is. But after I came home, went to Wal Mart to get the new Chronicles of Narnia movie, and got some much needed Chick-fil-A, I went outside with my camera and my 55-250mm telephoto lens. I haven't used that lens in ages. And I definitely forgot how much I love it. The images produced with that lens are so sharp, the coloring is amazing, and the bokeh is beautiful. Remind me never to neglect that lens for so long again. 

I walked out on my decaying deck and saw some cute little birds in the trees so of course I took pictures of them. I freaking love birds. But they move SO fast. I got frustrated. HAHAHA. You should've seen me. I came down off the deck to where the birds in the trees flew. I would stand completely still so I wouldn't scare them off and then I would creep forward while slowly bringing my camera up to my eye. I'd focus, and the bird would fly away. UGH. I think my bright pink jacket was scaring them off. I did have my hood up... Kinda sketch.

But it was fun. SO FUN. The sun even came out for me. I shot some birds (with my camera), took some pictures at different angles than usual, and just captured various beauty in my yard. I'm actually really excited about these pictures. I have some favorites and it just makes me happy that it's spring. YAY. Sorry for the long post. I was in the mood for typing. :D

I just love this one. Beautiful colors.

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