Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Actually Not That Healthy

First, let me start off by saying I'm a terrible person. I haven't blogged in exactly a week. I needed a break and I kind of ran out of blogging topics. Gotta stock up on that creativity sometimes. So I took a break and I'm back, at least for today. But I do want to say thanks, before I begin today's post. This April I have gotten the most blog views ever in a month and I'm astounded and excited and so many other great emotions. YIPPEE. So thank you for checking my blog even when I don't update it. 

And after that brief announcement, I shall diverge into my blog post that I suppose is as creative as it will get for today. 

Lately I've been super healthy. I've been running every other dayish and eating just three meals a day, without snacking on badness. And might I add that my breakfast is Frosted Mini-Wheats every morning. YUM TO MY TUM. Why the heck do I like those? I dunno. But they're awesome. 

I also haven't had coffee in two weeks, which is unheard of in my life. Forizzle. I just haven't had a craving for coffee lately. Unfortunately, today I crave coffee. I sit here in my chair and crave a frappuccino, knowing that I shouldn't have one because the calories I just burned off will come right back and I will increase my chances of dying. So, I fight the urge to drive myself to Starbucks and dole out my precious money. Hahahahahaha.

I can't say I haven't had some milkshakes as of lately, though. Mom thinks it's cool to buy two gallons of ice cream while I'm in the store with her telling her not to. Haha. She likes to torture me because if it's there, she knows I'll probably make a milkshake. Like I did the night before last. And it was quite delicious. I made a chocolate milkshake with chocolate ice cream and proceeded to add chocolate syrup into the blender. Nom nom. Did I just contradict my recent healthiness that I explained in the above paragraphs? I do believe I did. But anywho, speaking of ice cream, a local ice cream place in my town opened up about a month ago for the summer and I went a week or so after it opened. My friend told me when she went that she got ice cream with cookie dough. Ummmm.... I love cookie dough. Perfect. So that's what I got when I went. With a chocolate hard shell. It was magical. Magical enough to take pictures of. See yumminess below. 

So I was going to just post the picture after the previous paragraph but then I read over this post. And I'm not really sure where I was going with it. I really just wanted to share my ice cream. Clearly, me talking of my healthiness took a turn for the worst. Oh well. It happens. So anyway, as you sit there and become envious of my delicacy, I shall go find something useful to do. Adios friends. Have a splendid Thursday. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I had been telling myself for months to take a day and scan old pictures. I knew it would be a ton of fun looking through old pictures and laughing to myself, but I also knew it would be a long task. Thankfully, I felt up to taking a few hours out of my day to scan my favorites yesterday.

So, I unplugged the scanner, brought it to a comfortable place in the den and plugged up my laptop. I pulled out the five huge boxes of old film pictures and started shuffling through each little envelope. Some pictures were a bit pointless, like the ones of the grass, but others were completely priceless. Others were ones you would be devastated to lose.

I went through about one hundred envelopes of pictures. Envelope after envelope after envelope. That wasn't even close to half but I feel like I accomplished something. And I had so much fun. Pictures are timeless and are such a blessing. They bring back memories you wouldn't otherwise remember. They make you smile. They make you laugh. I am beyond thankful my mom always carried a camera around and wasn't afraid to yell at kids that didn't want to be in photos to look at the lens. Looking back, I wish I had never been adamant about that. Silly kids. Now, I'm the one telling people to look at my camera and knowing you'll appreciate it later, I don't feel bad about it. Photos are special. Especially ones like these. Check out my favorites. They might not interest you at all but I just wanted to post them anyway. :)

He loves the cat so much he couldn't hold the tears in any longer.
Ohhhhhhhhh the faces. I love the faces.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


About six months ago, I was starting my junior year of high school. I was enrolled in Yearbook and because of that, my first month in that class consisted of driving around Waynesboro with my friend Lauren, selling ads. JOY, JOY, JOY. If you've been in Photojournalism before, you know how that goes.

We drove around in her cute VW Passat, which I might steal, and attemtped to sell ads to every business in Waynesboro known to man. Haha. And while we drove around, got lost, figured out to fill up a car with gas without a debit card, and took many a stop for coffee at Sheetz and Micah's, we talked about a show called Heroes. She explained the plot to me and because I'm always looking for new shows to consume the majority of my life watching, I started watching it a few weeks later. I started with season 1.

At first, I was a bit confused, but I kept watching. And then it became my new favorite show. Not kidding. That and 24. I watched every season of Heroes in about three or four months. Is that possible? Well, it shouldn't be, that's for sure. But I loved the show and I loved the actors and I loved watching it every day after school. I finished season 4 a few months ago and it was truly tragic. I didn't want it to end and I'm just hoping they film another season. BUT ANYWAY, if you're like me and watch awesome t.v. shows when you're bored, watch Heroes. It's the BEST. And I'm leaving on that note. To watch a movie. Gosh, I'm so productive.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cherry Tree

I had just finished running when mom comes inside and tells me to go look in the neighbor's backyard at one of their trees. I was all like..... WHAT? Whyyyyyy? A tree? I'm sweaty and hot and I just wanna sleep. 

But I complied and walked out the front door with my camera, assuming I would want it since it seemed important. Haha. 

I stepped into the neighbor's back yard, hoping they wouldn't mind me snapping random shots of whatever mom thought was pretty. And then I see it! Their cherry tree snowed pink blooms! Hehehe. That doesn't even make sense but it was awesome! It looked like there was pink snow all over the ground and I just smiled. Mom knows me too well; she knew I would enjoy that. It's totally the little things in life that get me through. Why on earth I enjoyed this, I'll never know. But I did. And I hope you do too. :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

As the Rain Falls

We may or may not have had a hurricane today. And by today I mean yesterday. I'm not really sure, though. All I know is that raindrops the size of golf balls pounded my window and roof for hours and hours and hours. And hours. It stopped about 3:30 in the afternoon for about an hour so during that short break of rain, I went out to take pictures because I was beyond bored. I actually don't think I've ever been so bored in my life. Haha. So I went out with my rainboots and my camera. Possibly two of my favorite things. :)

I went out to find my mom because rather than taking pictures of stuff in my yard, I wanted to go on a walk. A walk with my mom, of course. And guess where I found my mom? I found her in our flooded backyard with a shovel, doing who knows what. I never asked. Maybe digging a trench? Eye dee kay. But I made her come on a walk with me. Hehe. We walked around the neighborhood in the sauna-like weather. The steam radiating off the asphalt wasn't too pleasant, but I got some cool pictures. I'm happy. It was fun. I'm no longer bored. WIN x 3.

Enjoy the pictures. And enjoy this weird, bipolar weather, if that's at all possible.