Monday, March 7, 2011

Unknown Artists: The Guggenheim Grotto + Jason Ingram

Here's another Unknown Artists post. I said I'd keep doing them, so here ya gooooo. Everyone loves music, right?

Today's artists are the Guggenheim Grotto and Jason Ingram. Both are completely amazing. The Guggenheim Grotto sounds like a creepy band name and maybe it is, but the guys in the band aren't creepy at all. Promise. When I went to see Ingrid Michaelson, they opened for her and I fell in love. I do believe the two guys are from Ireland. They have the sweetest accents and if you don't go download the free tracks at the website linked above, I might cry. Their music is so different and never ceases to make me smile. P.S. If you really like them, you can find quite a few free songs by them on the internet. Because they aren't too well known and are trying to get their name out there, they offer free downloads a lot on their website.

The next artist is Jason Ingram. I love, love, love Jason Ingram. My brother introduced me to him the day I got my first iPod, which was around seventh grade. I still listen to the album he downloaded into my iTunes pretty frequently. I only have one of Jason Ingram's albums and I still don't know where my brother got it from because it's not on iTunes. Jason Ingram composes a TON of stuff for really popular Christian artists but I have yet to find anything other than the song on Amazon I linked above. Trust me, I've looked. If you ever find any of his music, let me know. And since you might not actually be able to listen to Jason Ingram, considering he's not on iTunes, just ask me to make you a CD. I will. =D.

But anyway, at least check out the Guggenheim Grotto. Dey iz awesum.

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