Friday, March 25, 2011

Strolls In the Park

This school year has been fantastic, but one thing that's not so fantastic is the fact that I don't have close friends in most of my classes. Especially this semester. I have a couple classes with people I know, but it's nothing like it was in middle school when I had every class with people I knew. I miss that. And I miss the fact that this year I NEVER see my friends that go to Governor's School. :( Before this get together, I hadn't seen my friend Sarah in about two months. I seriously hadn't even seen her in the halls at school. Haha. TERRIBLE. Soooo, Scout's family cooked dinner and we went over to spend some time together. =D We went outside in the beautiful warm weather, and took a walk on a gorgeous path near the park. Thankfully, I had my camera and snapped a few pictures. Some smiley ones and some crazy ones. Hehe. I love both of you and I'm so glad we finally got to see each other!

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