Thursday, March 10, 2011


Has anyone looked outside lately? The sky is so intimidating. It's so dark and so rainy out. Ehhh. I like the rain when I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop acting as a heater to my thighs, but today I was outside far too much in this nasty weather. I had to walk all the way across the school parking lot to where I now park on the street because I don't want my car to get hit repeatedly like it usually does. Poor me. I have to walk like thirty extra feet. But I also had to go to Wal Mart in the torrential downpour and sprint into Starbucks to get presents. Hehe. So I definitely wasn't inside my cozy house watching t.v. on Netflix. It made me sad and I just wanted the rain to go away. It has finally stopped raining I do believe and I'm hoping for sun tomorrow. I need to take pictures. But anywhooooo, I was a little depressed so I wanted to share some hope of spring, sunny days, and flowers. These pictures were taken over the past year. I love me some flower pictures. =D.

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