Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have my preferences. I personally prefer shooting digitally over film. Film is absolutely gorgeous, don't get me wrong. Film photography has a special look to it that digital cameras don't exactly capture, but as I figured out today, it's VERY hard to engage in a conversation with your model when you're shooting film. Or maybe it's just hard for me. Haha.

Today in my Photo class, I had to photograph my friend Danielle in the classroom. We had a backdrop, lights, and a few props. Using different lighting situations and poses, I took 24 pictures of Danielle with my incredibly old film camera, with the whole entire class watching. It was quite the experience. If you're shooting with film, don't get in a hurry. Hahaha. I didn't have a huge amount of time to shoot and the space was very limited. AND it's really hard to tell when my camera is focused. Danielle did a perfect job, but it was hard for me. There are so many things that you have to do when shooting film. The most inconvenient one probably being focusing. I do not like focusing. I think it's because I have OCD and my pictures have to be really sharp for me to be pleased. Hehe. I loooove shooting digitally because I get the chance to shoot manually, but I focus with a click of a button. I would MUCH rather be talking to the person I'm photographing and making them feel comfortable rather than spending a minute per photo focusing. Hahaha. I'm sure it takes practice, like anything else, but as I've learned from taking pictures of my friends, people want to be told they're gorgeous and that they're doing a good job. Sooo, what has today's awkward experience with film photography taught me? Well, it's taught me that I shouldn't shoot people with film. Haha. That's not for me. I'll stick to digital for portraits and spend my hours upon hours of free time shooting film outside in my yard. =D 

And all this leads us to some of the film photographs I took this past weekend and yesterday. I had to finish out the roll of film in my camera before I shot today in class so I went out in my yard throughout the weekend, shooting random shenanigans. I was very excited about these after they were developed because I noticed I'm slowly getting better. Every time I shoot film, more pictures come out the way I had planned. Points for me. :)

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