Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I wish I had some photos of people to post but I just haven't had any shoots. I do have a lot of ideas in mind that I'm super excited about and I'm hoping they get planned out, though. I'll keep them a secret for now but once this weather turns nice, get pumped. :) 

For now, you'll have to deal with pictures of me. Randomly, I'll be sitting on my bed doing nothing on Facebook or Twitter and I just have this longing to take pictures. Lately, it's been too cold to set my tripod up outside and take pictures of myself, so the other day I settled with my room. Haha. I set up my tripod, got my remote out, and just took a few pictures of myself. I did actually use flash in the photo I'm about to share but for some reason I liked it a lot. I usually HATE flash. But yesterday after I uploaded those photos, I imported my favorite one to Photoshop and played around. I LOVE teaching myself about Photoshop. It gets complicated at times but when I do something with a picture that I've never seen done before on any other picture, I get excited. This took me about three hours. Haha. It wasn't that hard at all but I had to keep restarting. So I'm proud to share this creation of mine. As usual, the original is the first photo and the Photoshopped one is the second.

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